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Screentime. A phenomenon that has gained mainstream popularity in the last decade that is used to guilt parents for letting their children have too much, and a status symbol to demonstrate your skills of being able to live without your phone glued to your hand.

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The introduction of…

Will we still have crafted repairpeople in 20 years time?

The last decade or so of the smartphone has brought major advances to the world of modern computing and how we communicate with each other. Think about a simple situation, like meeting someone at a pub. Before the smartphone, if you were meeting a friend somewhere, you’d organised it beforehand…

No coding solutions have opened the market up to everyone — even children.

You might be wondering why we, a custom software development company, would be interested in pursuing the industry of no and low code. A lot of agencies like ours see these platforms as a threat to their work, a threat to the integrity of traditional coding and development, and to…

Project management is an artform and relevant in all types of work — there’s always clients, budgets, and a product to measure in whatever industry you’re in. In the world of software development, it’s just the same, but we build an imaginary skyscraper. …

Erika Hamilton

i have a lot of feelings and the internet is my home

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